Hi! I am Courtenay! iam a 20 year old art student! This is my art and
photography blog,
I love vintage icons, people in general, human rights and animal rights
surrealism, art, music, singing, dancing (badly) and
makeup, film, creating things, fantasy, sickening romances, nature and animals, food, androgyny, friends and family! All work is
my own, except quotes or texts! enjoy :)
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Lingerie shoot is out!! :) Photographer and editor: Courtenay Bes-Green @ditav0nteese #ditavonteese #vonfollies #photoshoot #fashion #alternative #vintage #satin #retro #vampirefreaks #vampirefreaksmodel @vampirefreaksmodelfanpage #pinup #pinupgirl #inked #inkedgirl #tattoo @ladieswithlocks @dreads4life @wild_dreads #girlswithtattoos

Photoshoot I did the gorgeous Ophelia! :)
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Long shutterspeed (0.5 secs)  during daytime of the tide coming in. Fun experiment but a little overexposed. I would like to come back at night time, and experiment with longer shutter speeds, and get more practice!
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Old apartments
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Went and took some photos with my friend along the Thames pathway and found this wonderful piece :)
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3D wire sketch I made of a crying girl
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Male Nude life drawing sketches
watersoluble pencil
fsr the guy on the left has weird eyes ><
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Scary clay face
A Level piece
based on my angry face.
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Reconstruction and Deconstruction
I made the shirt out of recycled old clothes, by unpicking them carefully and then reassembling them to form one garment
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Photoshoot with the beautiful Saeedah for our deconstruction/reconstruction project
install theme